What is the IACO Project IACO?
A citizen science project of Investigation and Action on Dark Sky in which measures are taken of the brightness of the sky's bottom to evaluate the impact of light pollution.
Who are the organizers?
The Malagan Society of Astronomy in collaboration with
Which are their primary goals?
- Raise awareness of the importance of preserving the dark skies.  

- Facilitate the collaboration of citizens in the massive acquisition of measurements of the brightness of the night sky background anywhere on Earth.  

- Put the recolipated data at the disposal of the scientific community that researches on the subject of light pollution as well as the institutions and authorities involved in solving this serious problem.  

Although these are simple observations, the collection of a large number of them has a relevant scientific value that can complement the information gathered with other instruments.
How can we participate?
Participation is completely free and free and you do not need any astronomical instrument, it is enough with your eyes. The process is very easy and on this page we explain the steps to follow.